Canon IJ Setup imageFORMULA P-215II

Canon IJ Setup imageFORMULA P-215II

Canon IJ Setup imageFORMULA P-215II – If you require a smaller scanner to use with your PC, and need it to be adequately skilled that it could even fill in as your work zone scanner, the Canon imageFormula P-215II Scan-tini Personal Document Scanner ($299) is a particularly strong candidate. It’s fairly more prominent than most flexible models, yet it passes on basic extra things, including a customized report feeder (ADF) and a duplexer (for two-sided separating). Incorporate the P-215II’s$224.00 at Amazon fast yield speed, and it’s a shoo-in as our Editors’ Choice helpful record scanner.

The Canon IJ Setup imageFORMULA P-215II is smaller, lighter, and more reasonable than the Kodak ScanMate i940$240.53 at Amazon, another best pick as a considerable commitment flexible record scanner. It’s furthermore more reasonable, yet speedier than the now-stopped Canon imageFormula P-215 Scan-tini Personal Document Scanner. Despite offering breathing space in size and weight differentiated and the Kodak appear, the P-215II matches the Kodak i940’s 20-sheet ADF restrict, its ability to duplex, and its ability to channel thick plastic cards, as decorated ID cards and driver’s licenses. The Kodak scanner was to some degree speedier in our tests, yet the slight speed advantage isn’t adequate to adjust for the higher weight and more prominent size.

Stray pieces and Setup

The Canon IJ Setup imageFORMULA P-215II estimates 2 pounds 3 ounces and measures 1.6 by 11.2 by 3.7 inches (HWD) with the plate close. That makes it pretty much a substantial bit of the stature of the Kodak i940, and around 11 ounces lighter. In any case, it’s more prominent and heavier than most minimized scanners. The Canon imageFormula P-208 Scan-tini Personal Document Scanner$207.29 at Amazon, for example, is appropriate around a full pound lighter than the P-215II.

Gear setup can be as fundamental as partner the gave USB interface between the scanner and a PC, anyway there are distinctive choices as well. The scanner oversees the equivalent USB connect it uses to send ranges to the PC. In case your PC is confined to USB 2.0 ports, you can get additional power for speedier yield speed by using either an optional AC connector or a minute, bundled Y-interface that interfaces with the scanner’s vitality connector toward one side and a minute PC USB port on the other.

In my tests, using two USB 2.0 connections, rather than one, helped the speed by to some degree in excess of one page for each minute (ppm), giving me 13.1ppm on one quick test with a singular connection, for example, and 14.2ppm with two. As shown by Canon, the scanner will moreover continue running getting it done speed in case you associate a singular connect to a USB 3.0 port.

Programming Choices

Not in any way like most scanners, the Canon IJ Setup imageFORMULA P-215II gives you the choice of presenting programming or not. If you would lean toward not to present a program, you can set a switch on the back of the scanner to use the Canon CaptureOnTouch Lite utility set away in the scanner’s memory. When you interface by USB connect, the PC will see the memory as a USB drive, and let you run the program. This can be important for sifting to a PC you don’t consistently use. For most purposes, regardless, you’ll be in a perfect circumstance presenting the full type of CaptureOnTouch on your PC, which will give you significantly more authority over the yield settings notwithstanding the decision to present other programming with it.

Close by CaptureOnTouch, the scattering plate joins a merged Twain and ISIS driver, which will allow you to check particularly from most Windows programs with a yield arrange, Nuance PaperPort Professional 14 for file organization and optical character affirmation (OCR), and NewSoft Presto! BizCard 6 for sifting and administering business cards. Besides, you can present modules that let the utility yield to a grouping of online structures, including Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, SugarSync, and anything is possible from that point.

For my tests, I presented the item on a structure running Windows Vista. The foundation is generally standard, yet it encounters a comparative issue I’ve seen with other Canon scanners. The program gives you a choice among Typical and Custom foundations. With most scanners, picking Typical presents everything. With the Canon IJ Setup imageFORMULA P-215II, it doesn’t. If you have to present some key applications, as PaperPort, you have to pick Custom. In case crucial, you can rerun the setup program later to incorporate projects you missed, yet it would be better if the setup screens finished a predominant control of overseeing you through the choices the principal go through.


The optical assurance for the P-215II is 600 pixels for each inch (ppi), or, in other words you prerequisite for the most part records. For my tests, I stayed with the breadth utility’s default settings of diminish scale mode and 200ppi, and I used two connections for most of the official tests. Checking a 10-page answer to picture PDF orchestrate, I coordinated the scanner at 14.8ppm in simplex (uneven) mode and 28.4 pictures for each minute (ipm) in duplex, with one picture on each side of the page.


In case you put a premium on even a little speedier speed, make a point to consider the Kodak i940. On the other hand, if you require a lighter, more flexible scanner than the Canon imageFormula P-215II Scan-tini Personal Document Scanner, yet in the meantime require housing like an ADF and duplexing, explore the Canon P-208. For most purposes, regardless, the P-215II passes on an adequate lift in conveyability to make up for being imperceptibly slower than the Kodak i940, and it passes on enough extra capacity to adjust for being to some degree less adaptable than the Canon P-208.Canon IJ Setup imageFORMULA P-215II That alter of mobility and capacity are on the whole that could be expected to settle on it our Editors’ Choice.

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